Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Literary Family

If I have participated in Book Chat here on the blog before, then it was an extremely long time ago.  I did participate on my Youtube channel more recently though.

This month's topic is to create your own literary family with authors.  I've been putting a lot of thought into this, and I'm having a difficult time thinking of authors that I would want as my relatives.  I think I'm going to keep mine pretty simple for that reason, but it has still been something really fun to think about.

I have to choose J.K. Rowling as my literary mom.  She was the first author to come to mind.  I associate Harry Potter with my childhood, and it just feels like it would be a natural fit to have her as a mom.  I think she'd be a good one.

I haven't actually been able to decide on what author I would want as a dad, so we're just going to say that my literary family is a single-mother one.

For siblings, all I can think of is that I'd really like to have Laura Ingalls Wilder as a sister.  Since her books are all about her childhood, I feel like I kind of already know what it would be like to grow up with her, and I think we would have a lot of fun.  Things would probably be quite a bit different considering we'd be in a different time period though.

I'd really like to have John Green as an uncle.  I debated choosing him as my literary dad, but for some reason I just see him fitting better as an uncle.  I love watching his vlogbrothers videos as well, and I imagine we could have some awesome conversations at family gatherings.

For an aunt, I'd really like to have Maureen Johnson.  I follow her on Twitter, and she's just fantastic.  I imagine her and John together at family gatherings would make things extremely interesting.

I think this was a bit hard considering I don't know much about a lot of authors' personalities, but I still really like this topic.  I'm probably going to give it more thought in the future.  This post is kind of disjointed because I'm still kind of mulling it all over in my head and trying to decide if these are really the author's I want to choose.  I'm sticking with this as my literary family for now though.

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