Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Birthday Bash

On Sunday I went to WZPL's Birthday Bash with my sister Regina, best friend Haley, and two of Haley's friends: Aleah and Victoria.  It was beyond amazing, even though it also involved sitting in the incredibly hot sun all day and getting sunburnt.  Even with all of that, the concert more than made up for it.

A Great Big World and MKTO were the first two bands to perform.  I'd never heard anything from either of them before, but I really loved both bands.  I'm definitely a fan of both now, and I'm going to look up more of their music.  They were great.

Emblem 3 came on after that, and I'm honestly not a fan of them at all.  I spent part of their set standing in line to buy an Ed Sheeran bracelet.  They also spent most of their time not on stage riding around on skateboards behind the stage.  Their tour bus was right beside the stage (but behind a fence), so they spent a lot of time freaking girls out by riding by.  It got kind of annoying to be honest.

Cher Lloyd was after them, and she was one of the two reasons I was there.  She was so incredible.  I love her even more now, and I didn't know that was possible.  She is even more adorable in person.  She kept saying "thank you so much" after every single song when the audience applauded, and she apologized for rambling because she said she gets more nervous when she talks on stage than when she's singing.  It was just wonderful, and that alone would have been worth the entire trip.

Cody Simpson performed after Cher, and his performance was definitely most most theatrical (for lack of a better word) than the others.  He actually had costume changes, backup dancers, and videos on the screen behind him.  I'm not really a fan of him at all, and I missed part of his concert too because I went to the bathroom and to get food with Vicky.  Still, I saw a good portion of it (at least when I was paying attention) since it was an hour.  I think we mostly just paid attention for his dancing more than anything.  I even remember saying to Haley at one point that he is more of a boyband than One Direction.

Ed Sheeran was the last to perform, and by far the best.  There's no competition there.  He was absolutely amazing.  I knew he would be, but I still wasn't quite prepared for it.  He made everyone get involved and had everyone singing parts of the songs.  At one point he even got the audience so quiet that he started singing without the microphone, and it was unbelievable.  (Unfortunately, of all the things I filmed, I didn't get that because I was staring in awe too much.)  I will never forget that moment.  There just aren't words to describe an Ed Sheeran concert.  It's just him and his guitar even.  He doesn't even have a band or anything.  Personally, I think it's something that absolutely everyone needs to experience.

It was an incredible day, but it was also exhausting, especially considering the more than three hour drive there and back.  Needless to say, I was pretty out of it all day yesterday, but I think I've mostly recovered now.  It was an amazing experience though.  With that, the One Direction concert, and meeting Little Mix, I'm unbelievably happy with this summer.  It's been one of the best of my entire life.

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