Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Busy Weekend

I've had a pretty busy weekend.

I spent a good deal of Friday with my grandma, brother, and cousins.  We all went to go see Despicable Me 2.  The movie was adorable!  I loved it.  I'm so excited the the minion movie as well.  It was also great spending time with my grandma and cousins too, of course.

Saturday was my dad's ordination as deacon.  He's been studying for it for four years, so it's hard to believe that it's actually happened now.  The entire thing took a couple of hours, and added onto the fact that I had to wake up pretty early, I was exhausted by the early afternoon.  Still, it's crazy that my dad is now officially a deacon.  That's easier to tell people then "my dad is studying to become a deacon."  I'll still have to explain what a deacon is to most non-Catholics though...

Today actually happens to be my twentieth birthday!  I can't believe that I'm two decades old and no longer a teenager.  That will take some adjusting to.  I haven't actually done much.  We went to church again today (since the ordination was too early on Saturday to count as Sunday mass), and it was one of my dad's first masses as a deacon.  Other than that, I've mostly just watched Little House and a documentary on Netflix.  The day has flown by, but I think that's because I'm so tired that I keep zoning out.  It's not a bad day to spend a birthday if I'm being completely honest.  I also got my presents from my parents, and you definitely know you've turned twenty when your parents give you books for your college classes for your birthday.  Oh, they also gave me wasp spray.  I can't blame them considering the events from last semester...  At least now I know there won't be a repeat of that!

I'm actually looking forward to this week because it should be a lot calmer.  I have exactly two weeks from today until I move back to school though, and I'm trying not to think about that.  After this weekend, I don't want to think about the stress of classes.  Hopefully these last two weeks of break will be pretty calm.

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