Monday, August 12, 2013

A Week Until Classes

My brother and sister both started school today, so it feels a bit odd to still be at home. I have six days left now until I move back into the dorms and seven until classes start. I wouldn't say I'm ready necessarily. It's not that I'm dreading school and classes, but I wouldn't mind a longer break from them. What I am dreading is dining hall food and ramen, because that's what my life is about to become again next week. The dorm I'm in this year has a kitchenette for the floor, so theoretically, I can cook anything I want. However, that involves grocery shopping, and I still don't have a car. Plus, groceries cost money. So, yeah... I'm not looking forward to the food I'm going to be eating next week. Is it bad that the food really is what I'm absolutely dreading? I'd be much more enthused about going back if it weren't for that.

I don't really have plans for this week, but I really need to start packing. That's another thing I'm dreading, so I've been putting it off. Last year I had boxes for everything, and this year, my parents haven't given me any. I don't know if I have enough bags/containers/etc. to put things in, but I guess I'll have to begin packing to find out. Maybe I'll get started on that tomorrow...

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