Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I Need to Get Better at This "Seeing People" Thing

I currently have four days until I go back to school, and thanks to a conversation with Jordan on Twitter just now, I'm realizing how many people I didn't see this summer. Out of my closest friends, Haley is the only one that I've actually seen, and that just kind of sucks. Sure, this summer was amazingly awesome thanks to the concerts and meeting Little Mix, but I really need to get better at seeing my friends. I'm typically good at seeing at least some of my friends whenever I'm home, but I guess the longness of summer break made me feel like I could always see them later.

That's not to say that I didn't try completely. Summer and Ji both live relatively far away and are working constantly (at least it seems like it to me based off texts and Twitter), which makes it easy to make excuses. I made tentative plans of "maybe we can see each other somewhere around this time" multiple times with both of them, but none of them actually happened. I honestly think things would be a bit easier if I could drive, and seeing them didn't require them coming to me or me finding a ride. Still, I really wish we could have seen each other.

As for my friends that are actually in my hometown, I have no idea why we haven't seen each other more/at all. I mean, I guess we're all a bit reclusive. Not that we don't enjoy people, but we're not really social butterflies or anything. (Funnily enough, my most social friends are the ones that live farthest away, which makes them more difficult to see, so it all just kind of contributes to the "never seeing my friends" thing.) I don't mind being alone for the majority of the time. In fact, most of the time I honestly prefer alone time to social time. Still, I love my friends, and I really should have made time for them this summer because when I leave home and go back to school, I know I'm going to have an extremely emotional time of missing them. I love being home and knowing they're close by (relatively speaking in some cases) if I need them, even if I'm not seeing them. It's kind of cruel how I know I'm going to want to see them so much more once I'm back at school.

It's looking like I may get to see Jordan and Haley one more time after Jordan and I talked, but who knows. We haven't talked to Haley or anything, and the plans are tentative. I've also done the tentative plan thing again with Summer, but there are only four days left, so we're cutting it close. At least I know that even if I don't get to see all of my friends in person this summer, we've still been talking incredibly often this summer (thank you phones), and they're still the most awesome friends anyone could ask for. Next summer though, I really need to get better about this.

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