Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Over the Reading Burnout

Today has been a long day. I make myself a to do list every day because it's the only way I'll actually get everything done. However, I get really easily distracted, so I have to build breaks into said to do list in order to not get burnt out and unproductive. My breaks for today consisted of reading, but I'm extremely into the book I'm reading at the moment, so I've been reading a good portion of the day. Luckily, I'm still more or less done with my to do list for today. I just want to edit the Hunger Games fanfic I'm working on a bit more and then go over a chapter of the fanfic I'm pre-reading for someone one last time before I send it back to them. Then, I'll be done with my list for the day, and I'll probably go back to reading (but a different book this time).

It's actually a good thing that I'm into this book though. After reading those two books that I didn't enjoy at all (the two that I reviewed before The Victor) I was feeling a bit burnt out on reading at the moment. I've fallen absolutely in love with this book though. It's the best book I've read in months. I definitely don't read epic fantasy enough, and I have no idea because it's one of my favorite genres. (Well, fantasy as a whole is my favorite genre, but for some reason I tend to always read urban fantasy far more than anything else.)

I need to go eat my dinner. (Personally, I think it's rather early for dinner, but I'm already procrastinating, and the food is getting cold.) Then, I'll be ready to get back to editing some more for the day. I'm hoping to be done with these edits by the end of the month, and then I need to find a beta and/or pre-reader for this fanfic. I'm not sure if it'll happen with school starting and having to adjust my schedule around, but we'll see.

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