Monday, August 19, 2013

Sophomore Year has Begun

It's been a somewhat hectic couple of days. I moved back to school yesterday. There's no doubt that the whole thing was much easier than it was freshman year, but packing everything up and (perhaps most importantly) getting it up to the dorm room is never going to be fun.

My dorm this year is newer than last years, and it's definitely noticeable. Plus, I don't have a roommate this year, so I have space. The only two downsides really is that there's an outlet without a cover on it that I need to get fixed, and we had a hard time getting the cable to work for the TV (and my mom eventually duct taped it).

I'm pretty much settled in now. Not everything is completely unpacked, but I imagine it never will be really. Even at home, I never typically bother to unpack everything unless I need it.

I had one class earlier today, humanities. I'm actually looking forward to it, especially the literature sections. I may be the only one in that class who isn't dreading it, but we're reading some stuff that I'm really excited about. Still, I'm a bit worried about the exams in that class. I'm ready for it to be Wednesday because I want to have my first class out of the way for every class.

I honestly kind of hate the beginning of the year. It means having to adjust to so many different things at once, and it's just all around stressful. There's the new dorm, new people, new classes, and so on. There's just so much happening at once that it gets somewhat overwhelming. This is nothing compared to freshmen year of course, but it still is. My social anxiety doesn't make any of this any easier either, and just like last year, the beginning of the year is making me think about the future a lot, which is an even more stressful thing. I'll just be glad when things calm down and I'm able to settle into a routine. Routines are much less stressful. It's not that spontaneity and new things and all of that can't be fun. It's just that I'd much prefer them in moderation.

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