Saturday, August 31, 2013

This is Us and a Three Day Weekend

I'm currently home for Labor Day weekend, and it feels kind of odd to be back after only being at school for two weeks. It's also nice though. Not only did I get to go see This is Us with Haley and Aleah last night, but my family is getting together at my grandma's tomorrow as well.

Speaking of This is Us, the movie was amazing. I loved it so, so much. I don't think I've ever smiled through an entire movie before, but I maintained a constant one last night. I loved it so much, but I won't rant on and on about it.

Even though I have a decent amount of homework to get through this weekend, I'm still incredibly thankful for a three day weekend. It's still a bit of a break, even if I'm still doing a decent amount of work every day. I've managed to get most of my work done for today already. I just need to read some essays on The Secret Garden. I'm a bit worried about falling behind tomorrow, but hopefully I'll get the majority of stuff done before we go over to my grandma's house.

For right now though, I'm going to go finish my work for today so that I have that out of the way.

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