Monday, September 23, 2013

So Much Subway

I had an awesome weekend, which sounds weird considering I did almost nothing but homework the entire time. Still, I did rush myself and kind of took forever with my homework, so it wasn't that there was a ton of work. I just wasn't entirely focused. Oddly, I feel like I had a relaxing weekend even though so much of it was full of work.

I did get plenty of time to write as well. That was almost the only thing I did other than homework, although I also took breaks to watch movies and TV shows several times.

I'm pretty sure that I will have tried everything on the Subway menu by the time I leave Marian. I say this because I tried something new this weekend. I got the steak and cheese because I wanted something different. What's the weirdest thing is that I think it was better after it was warmed up as leftovers. (I always get a footlong and eat it as two separate meals when I get Subway.) You know how when you work at a restaurant you never want to eat there again? That's what it's like being a Marian student, but it's the only option on campus other than the dining hall (and Knight and Day Cafe, which doesn't have much), so I deal with it sometimes.

I haven't even started school work today, so I really need to get to that. I'm in a rambling mood today, so I could probably go on forever. I won't though. I really need to focus on getting stuff done.

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