Monday, September 16, 2013

Start of a Better Week

Overall, my weekend was pretty great. I did homework and stuff, but the majority of it was just relaxing. It was great after my extremely stressful week last week. I haven't yet been to class today though, so I'm just hoping that this week isn't as stressful. I've been over all of the schedules for my classes, and this week shouldn't be as stressful as last week. Last week was just a bunch of stuff inconveniently lining up together in addition to other random things that happened. I have a lot of hope that this week will be better.

I have about twenty minutes until I need to get ready to go to class, and I want to use that time to read some of The Giver. I have to have it read by tomorrow, and I'm almost done. I doubt I'll finish by my next class, but we'll see.

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