Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Dreary Saturday

It's a busy weekend for me as far as homework is considered. Next week is midterms, and I have quite a few papers due before then. It's not too much since I've been working on most of them for a while, but it is getting slightly stressful. I just keep reminding myself that fall break is next week.

It's a pretty dreary day. We had some severe weather warnings earlier, but I'm not really sure if we still do. At any rate, it's really cloudy and dark outside, which doesn't really help with my mood. I'm not sad or anything, but the weather is making feel a bit more tired than usual and stuff like that. I think it's supposed to be like this again tomorrow, but hopefully it's all gone by Monday.

I still have a bit of homework to get done today, but I think I'm going to edit my video review of last night's Korra episode before I get back to it. What I have left shouldn't take me too long to get through anyway.

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