Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Decorating Doors

Today the weather has decided that it's time for winter. It's both wet and freezing outside, and that makes for a pretty miserable day as far as I'm concerned. It definitely doesn't make Wednesday any better considering this is also the day where I have my night class.

I also need to decorate my dorm door today. We have trick-or-treaters coming through the hall tomorrow, and I'd rather get the decorating done today than tomorrow before it happens. Still, I'm not sure if it will happen at this point since it's later than I'd planned to getting around to it. I should still have time before my class, but possibly not.

I'm not good with crafty things, so I just hope it turns out okay. We're all doing the same things to our doors, and it's pretty straight-forward, but I can also see mine turning into a disaster. We'll see.

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