Thursday, October 10, 2013

Done with Midterms and On to Scheduling

My midterms are finished. It is so great to be able to say that. It's not fall break for me yet, as I still have a class tomorrow, but the tests are over with. It is great to have that stress over with.

Now I'm going to have to focus on scheduling for next semester though. Registration begins about a week and a half after break ends, and one of my advisors has already emailed us telling us to sign up for a meeting. I went by there the other day, but she didn't have the sign up sheet up yet, so now I think I'm going to wait until after break to sign up. I don't leave campus until noon tomorrow, but her office is on the other side of campus and I don't go over there for tomorrow's class. I just hope that the slots aren't all full by the time I sign up. I think I'll be fine though. My other advisor hasn't said anything yet, but I assume she's just waiting until after fall break before she starts scheduling appointments.

I don't know what class scheduling is like for other majors, but it is a nightmare for me. It's bad enough being a double major with two advisors I have to check with, but one of those majors being secondary education makes it even worse. Every single semester something (from the way our school does our program to the state laws and requirements) has changed that means my entire four year plan gets moved around a lot. I don't know how I'm going to graduate in four years. I already know I have to take summer classes at least one summer if I expect to be finished in 2016.

Anyway, I'm not messing with all of that until after break. For now I'm just focusing on class tomorrow and then a break for four days. I'll have time for scheduling afterwards.

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