Tuesday, October 29, 2013

HIMYM Review: Season Nine Episode Seven: "No Questions Asked"

The first comment I can even think to make about last night's episode is that I really want to know what Robin was up to when she asked Marshall to help her out with no questions asked.

Not much really happened in last night's episode. A lot of it was flashbacks, but I found it entertaining. I really loved Marshall coming to the conclusion that he never lies to Lily, and that's what makes him finally tell her the truth. I'm happy she finally knows, and it will be interesting to see how that goes in the coming episodes.

I enjoyed Ted, Robin, and Barney's various ways to get into Lily's room when the door was just unlocked. Although I have no idea why Ted would ever think climbing up a drain pipe is a good idea (although the vents wasn't much better really).

I would have been unbelievably frustrated if I was Lily and the hotel people kept making excuses about the room because of ghost stories. I don't think I could stay in a room that was supposed to be haunted in the first place though. I don't believe in ghosts, but I get scared too easily.

I want to know why Lily was willing to destroy her phone with no questions asked. There is no way I would ever do that. New phones cost way to much for me to just willingly destroy mine with no reason why.

The mother is apparently going to be in next week's episode again, so I look forward to that. I also hope that they continue addressing the Lily/Marshall storyline and don't let it get pushed to the side for a while.

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