Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How I Met Your Mother Review: Season Nine Episode Three: Last Time in New York

I apologize if my thoughts are really disjointed or distracted in this post. In case you aren't aware, the U.S. government kind of shutdown at midnight last night, and I'm a bit distracted with all that's going on with that. I couldn't even focus on homework just a bit ago. (P.S. If you're American and interested at all in being a good citizen, it would be really awesome if you contacted your congressperson or senator about this and told them what you want done. This is really important, and they need to know what their constituents think.)

Now, How I Met Your Mother last night: I loved this episode quite a lot.

I loved the cute little scene between Ted and Lily when part of Ted's list was "one last life lecture from Lily." That was so cute. I also liked Lily's little speech to Ted, although it was a bit sad. And everything she said about Ted regretting if he wasn't there for Barney was really sad for me, but I'm glad Ted came through and went to talk to Barney.

Marshall in all of the Packers gear in Wisconsin was hilarious. I still really love the character of Daphne. I think she's great.

I thought Robin and Barney were really cute in this episode. Then again, they always are. I loved when they ran into James in the ice room. Him "sacrificing" himself the the elderly relatives may have been my favorite part of the entire episode.

I'm going to have to start taking notes or something in order to be more detailed. It seems like everything just leaves my head after I sleep, although maybe that's because it's still morning. Maybe I should just wait until later in the day to write these. (To be fair, I'd probably rant more if this was a video review as well.) Oh, well. Those are all of the main things I wanted to say. I'm really looking forward to next week's episode!

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