Thursday, October 3, 2013

It's Kind of Almost the Weekend

This week was actually going rather quickly until I woke up today and thought it was Friday for a moment. Now I'm sure the next two days will feel like they drag on forever.

Today is a bit different in comparison to my usual Thursdays. I still have to go to both of my classes, but one of those classes is in the computer lab. Instead of "class" per se we're just working on our group projects and doing some research on our own for our long report. Then, after classes today, I have to meet with my partner for another project (who funnily enough happens to be one of the group members in the other project as well) to work on that too.

Hopefully today will go by quickly, and then I'll only have to get through my one Friday class before the weekend. It's also supposed to storm today though, which never makes days easy to get through. For some reason I'm just one of those people where the weather can really affect their mood, so I'm hoping that the storms stay away today.

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