Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I Want Thanksgiving and Catching Fire

Nothing eventful has happened the past several days at all. I just go to classes and everything like normal. I'm so ready for it to be Thanksgiving. I hate it being so late this year because it feels as if it should be so much closer than it is. Not only do I have a countdown until Thanksgiving on my phone, I also have a countdown to when my family is actually getting together. I just want it to be Thanksgiving. Of course, since Thanksgiving is late this year, we have finals almost immediately after Thanksgiving break. I'm not looking forward to that as much, but I still want it to be Thanksgiving.

It's also been raining all day today, so that hasn't put me in a good mood. I'm not really in a bad mood or anything. I'm just kind of neutral at the moment. I just want it to be Thanksgiving break. Have I said that already? Thanksgiving break also means getting to go see Catching Fire (and hopefully The Book Thief movie as well), and I really want to see Catching Fire. The trailers and TV spots are all so amazing. I have a lot of hope for this movie.

I'm hoping something somewhat exciting happens between now and then though...

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