Monday, November 11, 2013

Legend of Korra Review: Book 2 Episode 10: "A New Spiritual Age"

I loved getting to see the spirit world in this episode. It seemed so different from what we saw in the first series, which I'm pretty sure is just because we saw more of it. I really love how Korra is showing us more of the world's history than Last Airbender did. It's fun.

I may or may not have actually screamed out loud when Iroh appeared. There was a lot of gaping at the screen, jumping up and down, and just general freaking out. I mean, I've been going on and on for weeks about how badly I wanted to see Zuko's family, and I was starting to lose all hope of that happening any time soon. Then, the relative that I'm expecting to see the absolutely least (okay maybe more than like Ozai but still not expecting at all) shows up out of nowhere! I wanted to see Zuko's living family so badly, but I never stopped to think that we'd see Iroh in the spirit world. I'm so unbelievably happy. I love Iroh so much, and I obviously never expected to see him in this series. It was the most amazing surprise. (I still want to see Zuko's other family though. Korra really needs to make another trip to the Fire Nation soon.)

Seeing Korra as a little kids was adorable. I loved everything that symbolized and how it showed her growth over the episode. That was done fantastically. So was Iroh showing Korra that the spirits weren't really scary and that she needs to look for the light in things. I never expected to get Iroh's wisdom in Korra, and it was the greatest surprise ever. I just loved how this entire episode was done, especially how the spirit world and the spirits were portrayed.

The animation for this episode, by the way, was amazing as well. I had to throw that in here somewhere.

Jinora is wonderful. I love getting to see more of her character, and the more we see of her, the more I grow to love her character. I tend to love bookish (or Ravenclaw-like characters is how I typically think of them in my mind) characters. Mostly because I feel like I connect with them. I wouldn't consider myself spiritual like Jinora (of course I don't live in the Avatar world where I could see invisible spirits floating around), but I just love her personality.

Getting to see Wan Shi Tong again was interesting. We knew he'd be showing up ahead of time, of course, and I think everyone was curious to see what would happen there. I thought it was a bit odd that he let Jinora in relatively easily after what happened during the original series, but I kind of pushed that thought into the back of my mind until we learned the truth.

I'm both surprised and not surprised that Wan Shi Tong was working with Unalaq. On the one hand, he seems to despise humans, so working against humans doesn't surprise me about him. At the same time, I'm surprised he's helping Unalaq for the same reasons. I don't know who he feels he can trust Unalaq when he seems so distrustful of every other human. I'm wondering if Wan Shi Tong will even show up again though, or if he was just in this episode.

Jinora getting taken captive was very shocking to me. I wonder how long she'll be kidnapped. I'm almost positive that she'll make it back relatively unhurt, but I'm still worried about her. Also, her spirit "friend" took her, but I don't fully understand if he just randomly took her somewhere or if Unalaq will actually take her from the spirit and have her. Either way it's intense. I'm hoping she gets away sooner rather than later. The worst part is that Korra opened the other portal hoping to save Jinora, but Jinora's still gone and now the portal's open. Big problems there.

The very end of the episode was heartbreaking. It was so hard to watch Tenzin realize what had happened to his daughter, and Korra looked so heartbroken as well. Tenzin is one of my favorite characters, and part of that comes from how he often seems to try and disguise his emotion but it's very clear that he cares so, so much for his family. I'm really liking the development of the entire Kataang family's relationships this season, whether it's Aang and Katara's kids, Tenzin's kids, or Tenzin and his kids. I just really loved every time their relationships get developed in some way. Still, it was horrible for that to happen this way. That may have been the most heartbreaking seen of the show so far in my opinion.

We get two episodes next week which is exciting, but I'm sure they'll also be extremely intense. I can't believe we only have two weeks (or four episodes) left of this season. I'm looking at the short "summaries" of the coming episodes now, and it looks like next week we get one episode that's about what's happening in Republic City (which we didn't get this week) and then one that goes back to focus on Korra. I just hope someone has gotten around to believing Mako and helps him. Let's hope both episodes are as good as I expect them to be.

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