Friday, November 15, 2013

Papers and Korra

There is going to be a lot of paper writing this weekend. I have about three papers due next week, and while I've started on all of them, I still have work to do on each of them as well. It's not even really three papers. One of them is more of a collection of papers. It's nothing overwhelming or anything, but I'm going to be busy. We're getting so close to Thanksgiving though. I just keep focusing on that.

And we're getting the four final episodes of this season of Korra tonight! I couldn't believe that when I first heard it. The two episodes set to air tonight are still airing like they were supposed to, and then the final two episodes are going to be released online at midnight. I was shocked to hear that, but I am so excited! I don't even know if I can emotionally handle all of four episodes within just hours of each other, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to watch them. I have such high hopes for these episodes, and there's only a little more than an hour to go until the first two!

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