Monday, December 2, 2013

A Late Start Throws Me Off

The first day of classes after a break always feel a bit off. Today was even worse because I forgot to reset my alarm clock and woke up an hour later than normal. Somehow I managed to get dressed in seven minutes and make it to class on time, but I was still half asleep when I got there. It wasn't the ideal way to start a day.

It's also weird coming back and having one week of lectures before finals. It also feels right though because I can definitely tell that it's the end of the semester. I'm excited to get through it and get to winter break. At this point, I'm done with basically every project, and I just have a lot of studying to do for finals. Right now though I have less than half an hour before the new episode of How I Met Your Mother comes on, and I want to go finish up editing my last paper of the semester.

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