Thursday, December 5, 2013

Almost Finals Week

Today is the last day of classes this semester. Next week is finals, and then it's winter break. That's so hard to believe. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for winter break, but this semester flew by. It honestly doesn't feel like it should be this late in the year, but the fact that it's supposed to snow tonight has me convinced that it really is.

Tomorrow is what my university calls reading day where we get a day off from classes in order to study before finals. Maybe other colleges and universities have it too, but I don't think it's a universal thing from talking to my friends. It's nice though because a lot of people use it as a day to relax before starting the studying and final madness. I usually study but not the whole day, so I still get some time to relax before everything becomes about finals.

I honestly don't think my finals will be too bad this year. For one of my classes, we're just turning in a portfolio and not even having an actual test for a final. I don't have a ton of work in order to complete the portfolio (our professor purposefully made it a somewhat easier portfolio since it's finals time), so that shouldn't take too much time. Other than that, I have three other finals. Two of them I'm not really worried about at all, although I know one of them will kill my hands. Our adolescent literature final is entirely essays. Our midterm was five essays, so I'm assuming this one will be too. I'm not really worried about writing the essays, but I'm sure my hand will be aching just like last time.

The only final that I'm a bit worried about is humanities. I've done well in that class all year, but each test has been a ton of information to remember. Now I have to remember the information from every single test for the final. The music and art professor always want us to remember composers and artists names, and I'm always struggling with that. I can remember information fine, but I need context or something. I don't have that with artists or composers names. It's even worse when it's the Greek or Roman names. The vast majority of the time I just cannot remember them, and those are typically the questions that I get wrong on tests. Now I'm expected to remember the names from the entire semester, and I can tell you right now that it's going to be a disaster. I'm just hoping that it's not a huge portion of the test or that I can remember enough to make up for it.

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