Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Seeing One Direction in Chicago and Finals

I got One Direction tickets yesterday! I'm officially seeing them in Chicago with my sister Regina and best friend Haley. I've actually never been to Chicago before. Regina and I are both going to school in Indianapolis, so Chicago was the closest show to us. However, we're from southern Indiana, which is relatively far away from Indianapolis, let alone Chicago. It'll be fun to finally see Chicago, especially since it will be the largest city I've ever been to. That doesn't overshadow the fact that I will be seeing One Direction though! That's still what I'm the most excited for above everything else.

School is less stressful than you would expect the week before finals. My professors made the large majority of our papers and projects due before Thanksgiving, so nothing huge is happening now other than studying for next week. I also have a humanities test today, although I'm not really sure why they want to give us a test in our last class before our final. Nothing I can do about it though. It shouldn't be that bad.

Overall, I don't think the remainder of the semester will get that stressful. Maybe I'll change my mind next week, but there's really only one final that I'm worried about at all. For the most part, I'm pretty confident that I'll do decently, so I don't really feel stressed. I hope it stays that way.

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