Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Film Review: Tinker Bell, Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, and Secret of the Wings

I'd known that there were Tinker Bell movies for a while, but I'd never been really interested in watching them. I love Disney and everything, but they were straight to DVD and I'd never been fond of Tinker Bell (or even Peter Pan really) in the first place. Still, when I saw a couple of them on Netflix I figured I might as well watch them. I watched Secret of the Wings first because I found it, even though it was the fourth in the series. I hadn't even realized that there were four, even though I knew there was more than one.

I thought Secret of the Wings was really cute, and it actually made me interested in watching the others. I've since watched three of the four, and I only need to watch the third one. They're definitely movies meant for young kids, and I could see a few minor things that seemed a little inconsistent between the three movies I watched. Overall though, they were very adorable movies that I found very enjoyable.

Funnily enough, I find Tinker Bell to be unbelievably annoying in Peter Pan, and I really like her in these movies. Maybe it's because she actually talks which gets her personality across better. They did a nice job of throwing things into the movies that show she's still the same Tinker Bell she was in Peter Pan, but you're seeing more of her character. I really enjoy her in these movies, and I like the other characters as well.

While this movie is definitely geared towards kids, I really enjoyed it. Sometimes it's nice to watch movies like that in my opinion. I thought they were really cute. I definitely plan on watching the third one, even if it's not any time soon.

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