Monday, January 6, 2014

Life Post: It's a Little Cold Outside

Everyone's been freaking out for the past week or so over the weather we were supposed to start getting yesterday. It's cold here, guys. A lot colder than I can remember it being, although I know it's colder farther north. Even people in other areas of the country are talking about how cold it is in the Midwest.

I almost feel bad complaining about our cold when it's colder up north. I know Indianapolis is at least ten degrees colder than us, so I suppose I should be thankful that I'm at home and not up at school right now. Still, the wind chill is scarier than the actual temperature. When I looked last night, they were expecting the wind chill to get to about -25 degrees, and we're supposed to get a lot of wind. No one is really supposed to be traveling, so everyone around here is pretty much just stuck in their houses. I'm fine with that because there's no way I'm leaving the house in this weather.

I'm currently the only one up and awake (considering almost everyone is still sick), and I just heard the mail get delivered. I'm actually amazed the mail's still running considering everything, but I really don't want to actually go outdoors to get it. I haven't been out to feel how cold it is, but I really don't want to anyway.

Oh, I also just realized that I haven't really blogged since that first day I was getting sick when I said it was probably just a cold. Yeah, I don't think it was just a cold. I'm pretty sure now that I got whatever my sister had, although I didn't seem to get it as badly as my sister, dad, and now my mom. I felt absolutely horrible, but I didn't stay in bed forever like they did. I feel more miserable when I'm laying down though. With whatever I have now, I've been feeling absolutely horrible when I first wake up, and then I feel a million times better once I'm up and moving around. I feel better than I did now though, so I'm hoping that this is almost over for me completely. I'm coughing a ton, which I think is usually a sign that everything is ending.

Now, I guess I should go get the mail... Let's hope a few seconds outside won't be too bad.

I had to edit this post because I completely forgot that I got to see my friend Summer yesterday for the first time in more than a year. It was so, so great to see her. I love how we have one of those friendships where we may not see each other forever, but when we do, it's as if we've never been a part. She's one of my oldest friends, and it's always so much fun when I get to see her. We went out for lunch together, and then she stayed at my house for a while and visited my family who were all happy to see her. It was really nice, and I'm really glad that we got to talk.

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