Friday, January 31, 2014

Life Post: Much Less Stress, The Fault in Our Stars Trailer, Midnight Memories Video, and Salute

It's been more than a week since I've done one of these. It's just been a pretty stressful week or so, but that should all be over. The big portfolio that's been stressing me out is due Monday, but I've already finished it. Honestly, I had most of the actual portfolio done last semester, and it's just been other aspects of it that were causing stress. I have the stack of papers that just need to be hole punched and put in a binder, which I'll do tonight. Then I just have to turn it in on Monday and sign up for an interview. I'll start to worry about the interview then of course, but I'm trying not to think about that now.

It's been a pretty good week, even with the stress. The Fault in Our Stars trailer and the Midnight Memories music video were both released. The Fault in Our Stars trailer looks absolutely amazing, and after seeing it, I have complete faith that it will be an amazing adaptation. I absolutely cannot wait to see it.

I really like the Midnight Memories music video as well. It's one of my two favorites off the new album (and one of my all time favorites), so I was thrilled when it became a single. Overall, it's not what I would have done with the music video really, but I do like it. It's fun, and I've already watched it a million times.

I'll probably watch it a million more times this weekend, which is hopefully a pretty relaxing one. With most of the stress gone, I should relax more than I have so far this semester.

Oh, and Salute is out in the United States on Tuesday! That means less than four days now! I already bought the album from England, but I preordered it on iTunes because I want it to do well in the United States. I'm looking forward to having it on my phone. I just really hope it sells well. It's an incredible album, and I'm not just saying that because I love Little Mix.

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