Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Life Post: Not Much Happens During Polar Vortexes

I think I'm finally over being sick other than a few minor symptoms that are still sticking around. For the most part I feel perfectly fine though, and that is a huge relief after feeling pretty bad for several days. My mom's still sick though, so it hasn't completely left our house yet. That combined with this whole polar vortex thing and everyone's been sticking around the house more than normal lately. I'm ready for everyone to get better and the weather to get warmer just because I need more freedom away from my family.

I haven't done much today. (I don't think most people have done much today with the way the weather is in large parts of the country.) I've spent the majority of my day writing other than taking some breaks to watch Naruto and Dawson's Creek. I think I'm finally done with that for the day though, so now I have to find other ways to occupy myself. I also filmed a video earlier, so I want to edit that and post it today.

I think tomorrow's supposed to be warmer, and as of now, my brother and sister still have school. I wonder if things will go back to normal then or if we'll all still be around the house sick and/or unable to go out in the cold. We'll see.

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