Friday, January 10, 2014

Life Post: Winter Break is Coming to a Close

After everyone being sick and the insane weather that kept everyone indoors, today is the first day where everyone in the family seems to be back to doing what they usually do. That also means this is the first time in more than a week where I've been able to have time alone for a significant period of time, and that's quite nice. I like being around my family and everything, but my introvertedness was making me want to scream for a while there. I needed a day like today.

There are only two days until I'll be heading back up to school. I still don't think it's hit me that classes begin on Monday. I really don't feel like I did much this break. My plans to see people all fell through, except for Summer, but since I hadn't seen Summer for more than a year, I'm extremely thankful that I at least got to see her.

I've been thinking about this coming semester a lot today since I finally had time to think today, and I just really hope it's a good one. I probably should have taken time today to pack honestly, but I can do that when there are people all over the house. I needed this time today to relax after everyone making so much noise and being around all week. Plus, most of my stuff is still at least in piles. Packing won't be too difficult. I could probably get it all done tomorrow if I wanted.

Since I'm not really sure how heavy my workload will be next semester, I'm not sure how much I'll be able to blog and everything else. I still will of course, but it may be stressful to if there's a lot of work. My classes sound interesting though, so I'm excited to see what comes.

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