Saturday, February 15, 2014

Life Post: Naruto's Become a Constant, Warm Weather, and Writing About Weddings

I have a heavy workload this weekend, so a good deal of my Saturday was spent on homework. I've also managed to get some writing done too though, which is nice.

Other than that I haven't really done much other than watch Naruto. I'm having one of those times where I've realized how long I've been watching Naruto and I'm still not caught up. Guys, I'm going to die not having finished Naruto. It's reached the point that if I ever catch up I don't know what I'll do. I've spent years of my life watching it. I don't know what it's like anymore to not have hundreds of Naruto episodes you need to watch. Hundreds. I still have hundreds. (205, in fact, if my math was correct, but that will change as soon as a new episode airs this coming week.)

I woke up this morning to hear that the snow we had yesterday was apparently a record snowfall. It wasn't bad today, but it's cold enough that I have no problems staying in all weekend. I'm so excited for the warm weather we're supposed to get this week. I hope it sticks around, but I'm not foolish enough to actually expect it to. Still, I plan on enjoying it while it lasts. It may actually be possible to go outside without a winter coat on next week, and that is a beautiful thing.

Now, I'm going to go write some more of the Hunger Games fanfiction I'm working on. I have a wedding to write. (That was such a fun plot point to drop, but I have to clarify that, while it is a Katniss/Peeta fanfiction, I am not writing Katniss and Peeta's wedding. I just couldn't give off that false hope. Although I'm not ruling out that they may get married in the fanfiction... I'll be completely honest I can't even remember if I've planned to write their wedding or not. I'd need to check my outline. Whoops. You'd think that's something I would remember. I've just been too focused with what I'm on now.)

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