Friday, February 28, 2014

Life Post: The (Possibly Three Day) Weekend (We'll See What Happens)

It's the weekend! I have a fairly heavy workload for the weekend, but I'm still thankful for the bit of a break I'll be getting. It's possible this weekend may end up a bit longer than usual since we're supposed to get snow Monday morning. We talked about the potential of not having class on Monday because of it, but you never know. We could end up getting nothing. I wouldn't say no to an extra day of sleeping in though. It would almost come close to making this horrible cold worth it.

At any rate, I have a good amount of work I want to get done so that I can enjoy my Friday night. I'm off to get through all of that. Hopefully it doesn't take all night, but who knows. I tend to procrastinate a bit and get easily distracted on Fridays, so I may not end up being very productive. I always manage to get things done though. I just hope I do that quick today without too much procrastinating.

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