Sunday, February 9, 2014

Life Post: Starting a New Fanfiction

I love having lazy Sundays. I got so much homework done yesterday that I have very little to do today, which is rare for me. I plan on putting that time to use by getting some writing done.

I finished the first draft of the fanfiction I've been working on yesterday, and now I'm setting it aside for a bit before I go back and start editing. I also created an outline for a new fanfiction yesterday, and I plan to start work on it today. I'm excited. It's another Hunger Games fanfiction, but it's entirely different than the one I'm currently posting (The Fourth Hunger Games). It'll probably be a little more like Life Lessons in style and how it's laid out, and it could almost operate as a prequel to that one (although I'm not writing it as one). I'm not really sure how long this one is going to turn out to be word count wise. I'm writing it to be similar to Life Lessons, but I want it to be longer. Life Lessons was written to be glimpses of the characters over a span of years. This one is going to be similar, but I want it to be more detailed glimpses since it relies so much on the characters' growth. We'll see what happens.

I went on about that for too long. I'm going to go actually start writing now. I'm so excited to get to it!

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