Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Feelings on Book to Movie Adaptations

I really love seeing books be made into movies. I know that these movies tend to have a reputation for being bad and worse than the novel, but I still really love seeing it done. Even if nothing can compare to the book, it's fun to see an interpretation of the book in movie form. I think a lot of people get uptight about wanting everything to be the way they imagined it, but I'm fine with things being a bit different. It's actually a bit odd because there are a lot of times I get uptight about details from books being accurate, but I'm usually pretty easy going about changes in movie adaptations. Sometimes I'll wish they had done something differently, bit I still appreciate what the adaptation did right. Overall, movie adaptations are just fun. They may not be the best movies ever, and they may not completely represent the novel, but it's fun to see a version of the novel on screen.

It's true that movies never completely capture the book, and I can't tell you how many times I get frustrated because people are judging a book based on its movie. (Please, do me a favor and never do that.) But it's also great when people see a movie and then decide to read the book its based on. That does happen. I've been a massive Harry Potter fan since I was little, and that all came out of me seeing the first movie before I read the book. Who knows when, if ever, I would have picked up the books if I hadn't seen the movie. I owe those movies a lot for that, even if my Harry Potter loyalty will always be to the books before the movies.

I'm a big fan of being optimistic about movie adaptations. Whenever one's announced about a book I'm a fan of, I always see people who are worried about it. While I completely get being a bit hesitant, I prefer being optimistic until there's at least a trailer and to not giving up all hope until you see the actual movie. Maybe it's because I prefer being positive about everything, but I don't want to go on about the movie being a failure until I've actually seen the movie. Of course, even when everyone else hates an adaptation, I tend to get some enjoyment out of it. Take The Host for example. I've heard many people go on about how bad the movie was, but I actually liked it. Yes, I get what other people are saying, but I enjoy seeing that world interpreted in a movie. I'm completely aware that it could have been better, but I would rather focus on the positives of the movie than the negatives.

Then there are the adaptations like Catching Fire that everyone seems to love and you hear very little negative things about. Those adaptations are the best because all of the fans get to go on and on about how great the movie was and it's just a fun time. (And can I just use this time to gush once again about how great Catching Fire was because I'll never get over the brilliance of that movie. It's my least favorite book of the trilogy, but that movie was perfection.)

I'll always be supportive of books being made into movies. Adaptations are fun and provide a great chance of seeing a different interpretation of the work. Sure, there will be bad ones, but there are also great ones. I like to think that the good can outweigh the bad, but even the "bad" ones can often be fun in some way or other. At any rate, I think it's best to remain optimistic about adaptations as a whole.

By the way, I wrote a post on this exact topic a last year. My feelings haven't changed much, but if you want to compare my thoughts then and now, you can read that here.

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