Saturday, February 15, 2014

Naruto Shippuden Review: Episodes 141-145

The first three of these episodes are very different from the last two, so I'm going to focus on 141-143 first.

I really enjoyed the background we got on the Uchiha family in these episodes. It's been kind of nice to have so many episodes that focus on Sasuke after him not making any appearances in who even knows how many episodes. I can't even imagine how Sasuke is feeling after everything he's learned. It was all quite the plot twist, and it was actually something that I didn't see coming. Now Sasuke is all gung ho about destroying Konoha though, which should create some interesting times.

One question I have about the whole Tobi/Madara thing though: I can't remember for sure, but I'm almost certain that there was a point where "Tobi" was shown by himself, but he was still acting like Tobi. Why would Madara keep it up if no one was around. I'm a bit confused by that. Of course it could be written off as needing the audience to not know the truth yet, but I really don't like those kind of plot holes.

I also found the Eight-Tails jinchuriki rather odd with his constant rapping. I was kind of relieved when that fight was over just so I wouldn't have to listen to that anymore.

Now onto episodes 144 and 145. I'm not really sure if this is supposed to be more of a filler arc or if this arc is going to have something to do with other things going on. I don't think it's bad necessarily, but it's not keeping my attention as much as the episodes before it were. It's definitely a big change from focusing on Sasuke recently.

I don't think I really have much to say about these two episodes. They mostly focus on new characters, and I'm not too fond of those characters so far to tell the truth.

Although, I do want to mention Naruto's talk about Jiraiya in episode 145. It's so sad listening to him go on like that, and it made me a bit emotional.

I'm not sure how long this arc goes on for, but I'm hoping that it either picks up in the coming episodes or is over soon. I'm just not enjoying it, and it's even more disappointing in comparison to the episodes that came before it.

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