Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Only Person Who Still Hasn't Seen Frozen

I don't get to go see movies in the movie theater a lot for a variety of reasons. It's one of those frustrating things for me. I'm always thinking about how if I had money to go, I'd be at the movie theater at least once a week. (Of course, I'd also need a car, but you can only solve one problem at a time.)

It becomes the most frustrating when there's a movie I absolutely want to see but can't. I've been dying to see Frozen since before it was even out, and I was really upset that I didn't get to while I was at home. Then, it seemed to explode and everyone was talking about it and seeing it, and then there's me who's been dying to see it for months and hasn't. Everyone I know has seen it at this point, and they all constantly talk about it. We're talking about the people who I bugged to go see it with me and they all refused. Now they're going on about how much they love it, and I haven't seen it. It's just a bit of a frustrating situation.

I may not be able to see Frozen while it's still in theaters, but I will see it at some point. After all, it's not like this hasn't happened to me before. I don't even want to point out how long it was before I finally got to see Brave, but now I own the DVD and can watch it all the time. I guess that's the good thing about movies: you can always watch them later.

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