Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Twisted Review: Season 1 Episode 12: "Dead Men Tell Big Tales"

It feels awesome to finally be reviewing Twisted again. Just like the first half of the season, I'll review every episode either here or on my Youtube channel.

We definitely jumped right back into things in this episode. It was intense! I absolutely loved it. It's nice to finally get more information about what really happened after months of waiting for a new episode.

I'd really like to know how Danny got around without getting caught when there were cops absolutely everywhere. I mean, he was actually still in his house at first, and they didn't see him. That's pretty impressive. Or maybe I just find it impressive because I'm so bad at being sneaky.

I can't blame Jo for yelling and revealing that Danny was there at all. I know he's her best friend and everything, but I thought how she acted throughout this episode was very realistic. She seems to suspect him, but she also accepts that he's not guilty after learning more. I really like that balance. She's being cautious (which she arguably wasn't before), but she's still willing to alter her opinion once she learns more.

We have a new character introduced in this episode who's a new kid at the school. I'm assuming that he's going to become important somehow since it would be pointless to introduce him otherwise. I just hope he doesn't complicate the love mess going on in the show because I'm already a bit fed up with how that's being handled. It's not even a love triangle. I'm going to continue referring to it as the love mess for the foreseeable future. That mess does not need another person. (Although, it seems like Tyler may be gone for good. Jo's still dealing with her feelings over him of course, but he didn't actually appear in this episode. I've despised Tyler from the beginning and get angry everytime he appears, so I'd be over the moon if he never made another appearance.)

Another thing that makes me happy in this episode is that the police, namely Jo's dad, seem to be willing to give Danny the benefit of the doubt. They were immediately jumping to the conclusion that he was guilty before, but now they finally have enough information that they're not as prejudice against him. It was really frustrating me before how they seemed to have already accepted that he was the murderer, so I'm happy it's not like that anymore.

Does anyone else find it kind of adorable that Danny went to Rico of all people? I don't really know why I find it adorable, but I do. I know he didn't have anyone else to go to really, but I still just find it kind of cute that he trusted Rico enough to show up at his house.

And Rico. I have to talk about Rico. I remembered enjoying him as a character, but after seeing the show again after so many months, I honestly think he may be my favorite character. I just think he's hilarious, especially when he was all nervous about letting Danny stay in his house.

Then we find out that Vikram framed Danny for his aunt's murder. There is the possibility that Danny's lying, but I'm pretty doubtful of that at this point. He seems to be completely truthful, and Vikram doesn't really come across as innocent.

The end of this episode just sealed it as great to me. The emotion when Danny tells Lacey and Jo that his dad framed him for murder was excellent, and I was crying when he explained that he went with what his dad told him because he loved him. It was heartbreaking and so, so screwed up.

The scene with Danny, Jo, and Vikram was excellent as well. I really loved the tension and emotion in that scene. Smart move on Jo's part pulling her phone out to call. Of course, it doesn't go that well, and the episode ends with Vikram falling to his death. That was a plot twist I didn't see coming, but I guess that the show would be wrapped up too quickly if they just got him arrested and that was the end.

So now we as viewers basically know that Danny is innocent but the only witness to that is dead. Of course, he was supposed to be dead a lot earlier. (Can we talk about how ironic it is that Vikram was suppose to be dead and then right when we find out he's alive he really dies?) There are so many ways they could go know with Danny and Jo having been there when Vikram died (and Danny kind of being responsible) and Vikram being the only witness who's now dead. I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens next.

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