Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Twisted Review: Season 1 Episode 13: "Sins of the Father"

I thought this was a pretty great episode overall. I love how we seem to get a lot of information in every episode, but there still manages to be so much that we need to know. It's a great balance.

I honestly don't understand why Danny won't go to the police. Well, that's not entirely true. I kind of get it, but mostly I don't. He and Jo just left the body lying at the bottom of the cliff though. There's no way it would just lay there unnoticed, and I think it would be easier to fess up to it. He was acting in self-defense, and I'm pretty sure that after everything else that's happened, the consequences couldn't have been worse.

I'm not sure how I feel about Jack, but that's just because he came in out of the blue. He seems like a perfectly fine character overall, and he and Karen were actually kind of cute. I just don't like how he was suddenly thrown into the show. I'll refrain from any more judgement until we see what happens with him more though. Maybe I'll become more positive about it.

I'd actually completely forgotten that the mayor was somehow involved. It had been so long that it had completely slipped my mind, but I'm glad that was brought up again and with the police. I don't know if I believe what he told Jo's dad though, and I wonder how he'll play into events in the future.

I never liked Mrs. Crane, but I wasn't at all expecting her to be involved. I suppose her and Vikram have an affair isn't too far fetched, but at this point it's starting to feel like everyone in the show is a part of some complicated love triangle thing. I'm not going to lie, I'm getting pretty sick of it, and now Mrs. Crane's been thrown into that mix too. I also worry about her mental health if she really thinks Vikram loves her. Sure we really haven't seen much of him on screen, but even from what she herself was saying I don't know how she actually believes that.

I actually want to talk about Vikram and his personality a bit. The earlier episodes never really hinted that he was an overly creepy or scary person. Yeah, there were the hints at illegal stuff and whatnot, but he still came across as a person who put on a perfectly normal persona to absolutely everyone in his life, including Karen. I never got the impression that Vikram and Karen had as terrible a relationship as it's being implied now. At one point in this episode, Karen says that she always wanted to protect Danny from how his father was, and I'm a bit confused. I never got the impression that Karen thought there was anything wrong with Vikram before. They seemed at least relatively okay in the flashbacks, and she never seemed to particularly think her husband was a monster or something. Now she suddenly seems to. Of course she would after recent events, but she's making it seem like she always thought that, which is something I didn't get from earlier episodes.

Anyway, I still need to go back to Mrs. Crane. She's kind of striking me as a bit crazy at this point. Not just because she actually thinks Vikram loves her, but also because she thought putting the necklace in Danny's locker was a good idea. There are countless reasons why that shows she's not exactly a smart person in my opinion. If you have to plant fake evidence to get a "murderer," it should kind of clue you in that maybe he's not guilty or maybe the person who's so adamant that you plant the evidence might have some secrets. She's just starting to strike me as either crazy or just not very bright.

The police ended up getting Marilyn a bit easily. She was being so cautious, and then she just lets her guard down like that. A bit too easy in my opinion, but oh well, she's in custody now. She also makes all these comments about Vikram that make me wonder whether she knows he's dead or she really believes he's somewhere far away.

I'm still not sure how I feel about the new dude who likes Lacey, and whose name I don't think I remembered last week either. That whole love mess (which I'm still calling it as opposed to triangle) doesn't need another person, and my feelings on that are still pretty much the same as last week. Apparently, a lot's going to happen with him next week, and I could see that going well but I could also see hating where they take it. We'll see.

Jo telling Lacey that she should date Danny if she wants to was great. Loved that scene. It was possibly my favorite of the episode. It was a bright side to this love mess thing. I love that she's trying to keep drama to the minimum and help two of her friends be happy, even if it hurts her a bit. That makes me love Jo as a character even more.

I was surprised when Jo and Rico mentioned that Rico's awkward confession of his feelings only happened two days ago. These episodes are taking place over a much shorter period of time than I even realized. The long break probably contributed to that, but still, that was a shock to me.

I'm just waiting for someone to figure out that Tess is in contact with Vikram and how that will go. I do wonder how much she knows. Does she think Vikram is innocent or does she know things he's done? I'm curious, and I really want that to be addressed.

The episode ends with someone standing over Vikram's body, which is definitely climactic. I have no idea who it could be, but they got there when Tess was calling him. I'm hoping that leads to whatever is going on with Tess and Vikram being revealed more, but we'll see.

It'll definitely be interesting to see where the show goes next week.

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