Thursday, February 27, 2014

Twisted Review: Season 1 Episode 14: "Home Is Where the Hurt Is"

I have to say that I wasn't expecting things to turn out the way they did between Danny and Charlie. I expected Danny to be more hostile, but he's actually being pretty okay around Charlie. I don't trust Charlie at all though. I just comes across as so creepy. I don't get why Danny wasn't more creeped out that the guy just showed up where he lived. If he really wanted to completely start over, he should have gone where he knew no one. Not where someone you roomed with in juvie lives and there's all this murder investigation stuff going on. I just think it's weird that he's there, and I don't like it. Plus, we still don't know why he was in juvie in the first place, and I really wonder what he did.

I don't even know where to start with the romance in these episodes. First Charlie flirts with Lacey and than Jo, which only makes me think of the guy as creepier. We also have a new female character thrown into the show with a crush on Rico. The girl's crush on Rico is cute and everything, but we really don't need another person thrown into what I'm still calling the love mess. The term "love mess" only becomes more and more accurate every episode. How many more people can be thrown into this thing? Love triangles are bad enough, but what is the show even trying to do here. It needs to stop. It's my biggest frustration with the show. I can't deal with this many people with different crushes on different people. Can we please calm down with that?

I am happy that Danny and Lacey were at least sort of okay at the end of the episode though. I like them together, and I hope their relationship does rather well in the future, although I'm sure there will be drama. I also just want Jo and Rico to get together. At this point I can't figure out if Jo legitimately doesn't like Rico or she's just trying to push him away like Danny's trying to push away Lacey. At any rate, I don't like Rico being with this new girl. She seems to really like him, and he just doesn't like her back. That really sucks, and I feel for her a lot. I just kind of want her to go away though in order to make the romance less complicated.

I feel like a lot less happened in this episode with anything outside of the love mess. I'm chalking that up to the dance storyline. The focus was pretty much on the normal high school (although no high schooler has every been involved in something as complicated as the love mess I'm guessing) as opposed to the investigation.

What we did get with the investigation was Kyle discovering the Tess has known Vikram is alive. I'm glad that's out in the open now. I'm sure it'll be a source of a lot of drama, but that's always better than something being a secret. I wonder how damaging that will be to their marriage, especially since they don't really have time to work on improving their relationship with everything going on.

Of course, they've also found Vikram's body now, so I'm sure that will lead to interesting events.

One more thought that has to do with romance but adults as opposed to the teenagers' love mess. I'm warming up to the idea of Karen and Jack. I didn't like Jack so much at first, but he started growing on me in this episode. I'm still not overly positive of the idea, but I'm less against it than I was before.

Overall, I don't think this was my favorite episode. Most of the episode was focused on the love mess, and I just am not a fan of the love mess. The ending of the episode gave a lot of potential lead ins to an awesome episode next week, so hopefully we'll get an awesome episode then.

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