Sunday, March 9, 2014

Emotional Connection to Music

You know how some people have songs that always make them emotional? I don't really have that. I really don't get emotional during stuff like that. Books probably make me more emotional than anything, but even then, I still tend to avoid it. I've learned over time that how emotional something makes me all depends on how emotionally attached I allow myself to get to it. With music, I always feel more or less emotionally disconnected.

There are songs that make me feel nostalgic, but it's still not an overly emotional thing. I'll just have a brief moment of slight emotion. Nothing that really affects me and definitely nothing that makes me cry. It's just a slight thing.

I almost feel jealous of people who have a stronger emotional connection to music. I have a really short number of songs that I feel "emotionally attached" to, but the only time I can really remember crying during a song was when I saw one special to me being performed. I suppose that I'll always have a stronger connection to literature than music or art, so I will always have a stronger emotional connection to music than anything else. And while that's great, I always wish I could connect to music and art the same way I connect to literature. Music especially though I always feel like I have such a superficial connection with in comparison to other people, and I wish it was a stronger thing. I wish I felt for music the same way I do literature. You'd think just feeling that way would help. And I listen to music all of the time. I really enjoy music. It's just not like it is with literature for me, even though I sometimes wish differently.

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