Tuesday, March 25, 2014

HIMYM Review: Season 9 Episode 22: "The End of the Aisle"

I did reviews for the previous two episodes on my Youtube channel instead of here.

I wasn't expecting most of this! This episode was not what I thought it was going to be. Not that I had any clear ideas of what I believed was going to happen in this episode. I just wasn't expecting the wedding. That threw me for a loop. I was sure that was going to come next week, but nope. We got it in episode twenty-two. I suppose that means the finale will be the reception, which is great considering what all can happen at a reception.

I really wish they had resolved the Robin/Ted stuff sooner than the episode before the finale, but I'm glad they didn't wait to do it in the actual finale. It was nice to see Ted finally state definitively that he no longer loves Robin like he did, and while Robin tried to runaway with Ted, I think it was clear that was due to nerves than any lingering feelings. It was so, so adorable when she realized why she was marrying Barney and her doubts were gone. I also thought it was absolutely adorable when Barney vowed that he wouldn't lie to her anymore. And there was a ring bear! That was a nice little bit in the episode.

The slap bet is over! I hadn't even thought about that not being resolved, but it was cute how they threw that in during the wedding. It was a storyline that I had forgot about in the finale lead up, so if they hadn't resolved it, I probably wouldn't have even noticed for a long time unless it was pointed out to me. It was nice that they paid attention and resolved it because I could have seen it being left hanging.

I also really loved that Barney was struggling so much with his vows. I really think this episode showed how much Barney cares about Robin. Not that it hasn't been shown before, but it was nice to get reminded of that right before the wedding.

Marshall and Lily were also amazing in this episode, and we got some mushy stuff about their relationship over the years. I really loved that because it was Barney and Robin's wedding but we got a bit of focus on Marshall and Lily who have been the consist couple throughout the series. I think I tend to focus on Barney and Robin more because the series showed their entire progression as a couple. Marshall and Lily were already together at the start of the show, and while they've had rough patches over the years, were basically always guaranteed, which meant I sometimes didn't think much about them. I love their relationship though, and I really like that they were focused on a bit in this episode.

It was just an all around great episode with just the right amount of sappiness for the episode that leads into the finale. Robin and Barney are married! And it was a really nostalgic episode for me because it made me think about past episodes. I'm both excited and scared for next week. I don't want How I Met Your Mother to end, but I'm also insanely anxious to see how they end it. I'm hoping that it's just as great as this episode was. One thing we do know is that Ted will be meeting the mother, and it's a bit surreal that we've finally gotten there. I may or may not be a bit teary eyed just writing this post. Next week is going to be a struggle.

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