Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I Wish I Could Draw

I feel like a lot of my posts end up being about things I wish I could do, and here's another one. I wish I could draw. I'll admit that when I try really, really hard I can make something that could at least be worse. I'm definitely not one of those people who can just doodle and make something cool though. I have to spend hours on something in order for it to start to resemble what I want it to be, and my best drawings from my high school art classes involve ones with a lot of straight lines that I used a ruler to draw.

I remember my high school art teacher coming up to me one day and pointing out that I really needed to get the drawing I was working on done in the next two days because she needed to grade it. She said something about how she saw me working on it every day, but I was really behind on where I was supposed to be. Almost everyone else was really far ahead on another project. The reason I was "behind" though was because I was being such a perfectionist with the drawing. I wasn't ready to be done with it yet, and I could see every little thing I still needed to work on. It's like that whenever I try to draw. I can picture something in my head, but I can't successfully get it down on paper. That's why I don't draw in the first place. I get too uptight about it being perfect when I know I can't actually achieve that.

I would love to be one of those people who can just draw and turn out something pretty good, and then when they put even more effort it becomes even more amazing. That's never going to happen though considering I can't even draw a straight line without erasing it a million times to try again. I admire artists a lot though. What they do is extremely difficult to me, and I find doing it successfully really impressive.

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