Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Life Post: At Least Today Was Better

I'll be honest, yesterday was not a good day. Too much was happening, and I became really overwhelmed. Last night consisted of me freaking out over everything because I had just reached the breaking point of having too much to do.

Luckily, today was different, and I have a much lighter load than yesterday. I still have quite a bit considering the next two days are midterms, but I don't feel as overwhelmed. It's become manageable. I just need to get through two more days, and it'll be spring break. I finally feel like I can actually make it.

I've already gotten most of my homework done, which is a lot more than I could say yesterday at this point in time. I still have a bit left to do though, so I'm going to go do that. I need to get it done before we have a repeated of yesterday.

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