Monday, March 31, 2014

Life Post: Getting Ready for Next Semester

I didn't really think about having tests this week, but it suddenly hit me that I have two tests to study for. I'm not too worried about them all things considered, but I also don't think they're going to be that easy of tests either. I foresee myself doing quite a bit of studying this week.

The week is off to a pretty good start so far though. I signed up for housing and registered for next semester's classes yesterday. I was a bit worried about housing because there was only one single left, and I really didn't want to buy a double like I did this year. I got the single, but it's a suite style room that's different than the one I have this year. I'll be sharing a living area with another person and then have my own room. I'm not sure how that'll work out, but hopefully it'll be good.

I had a bit of trouble with registering for classes because a class that I'm supposed to take was listed as more credits than it actually is, and I could only register for so many credits. I emailed my advisor though, and she said she was going to send a drop/add slip to the registrar's office and get it sorted out, so I should be good there. I'm not really worried about it because it's an arranged class, and aside from my advisor knowing the problem, I know the professor of the class. It'll work out just fine.

The weather was also really nice today in comparison to lately. Fingers crossed that this is finally the time that it stays like this. I think we might have a chance of rain tomorrow, but if it's not snow, then I'll be eternally grateful.

I'm hoping that this week goes well even with all of the tests I need to prepare for.

How I Met Your Mother series finale: tonight!!!!
Summer break: 39 days
City of Heavenly Fire book release: 57 days
Sorry I'm Late album release: 57 days

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