Sunday, March 2, 2014

Life Post: Homework and Another Winter Storm

This weekend has been more filled with homework than I had expected to be. I knew that I had a good amount to do, but I don't think I expected it all to take as long as it has been. Most of my Saturday was spent writing papers or reading, and I think most of my Sunday will be the same way. We'll see though. Maybe I'll get lucky and finish my homework much quicker than yesterday.

It's been snowing here lately with this winter storm they were talking about for days. It's at a break now, but apparently it's supposed to start up again in an hour or two. I have no idea how much snow we'll get. According to the news there's going to be a sharp cut off where one area gets more snow than another, but I didn't look at it closely enough to really figure out how much the place I'm at is supposed to get. Right now I can't see any of my classes tomorrow being canceled, but since I have no idea what will happen later today, then it's possible they will be. I imagine that it would be only my first class canceled, but again, who knows.

At any rate, I'm looking forward to a lazy Sunday that isn't really lazy because I have homework to do. I'm trying to avoid the outdoors as much as possible though. Let's hope this snow melts a lot faster than the past snows have this year.

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