Thursday, March 13, 2014

Life Post: Negativity, Dentist, and Haircut

When I posted yesterday, I mentioned that my Wednesday hadn't gotten off to that great of a start. While I wouldn't call yesterday a good day, it wasn't horrible either. Mostly a lot just happened that would lean slightly towards the bad side rather than the good side.

I had a dentist appointment, and the bright side of that was not having any cavities I suppose. My mouth is still sore now though, and it's been close to an entire day. I felt like she was never going to stop scraping against my teeth, and she even got my gums multiple times. It's a wonder I didn't bleed everywhere.

Other than that I really didn't do anything significant yesterday. I had to write up a letter of recommendation for my friend, which was a bit nerve-wracking. The same friend is also dealing with some big stuff right now, so I was trying to be supportive and check up on her. Other than that there were just a lot of smaller things that seemed to keep happening over the course of the day. It's past now, and I'm not going to dwell on it. Today has been a lot better, even if I feel like I'm about to fall asleep.

I got my hair cut this morning. I ended up with about an inch off which kills me considering I'm trying so hard to grow my hair out. I know getting split ends off is extremely important and everything, but it feels so counterproductive when my hair doesn't seem to be growing at all. I'm worried that it's because I'm dying it and causing it not to grow. I really hate it since I really want my hair to get long again. I don't feel like that's happening at all.

I'm not sure what else is going to happen today, but I'm fairly confident that it will be better than yesterday. The only problem is some of the negativity that I was feeling yesterday doesn't quite want to go away. If I've learned anything before though, it's how my different moods are. I'm pretty sure I'll be feeling a lot better by the end of the day as long as nothing bad happens or anything. I try so hard to be a positive person, but I also have a really bad habit of fixating on certain negative things when they happen. I also get overly excited and happy about most things though, so it's a two way street.


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