Saturday, March 22, 2014

Life Post: Seeing Little Mix Again and Countdowns

My days have been completely off this past week. I'm thankful for the weekend like always, but it doesn't entirely feel like a Saturday. I'm hoping have a normal weekend will make everything feel normal again come Monday. We'll see though.

I got tickets to the Birthday Bash on Friday! The Birthday Bash is this concert a radio station here in Indianapolis puts on every summer, and Little Mix are performing this year! I somehow by some amazing stroke of luck managed to get fourth row tickets! Fourth row tickets for Little Mix! I'm about to start freaking out all over again just writing about it. I'm unbelievably excited. Icona Pop, Karmin, Austin Mahone, and an unannounced guest are also performing, but I can't get over seeing Little Mix that close up. I met them last summer, but while they were performing could hardly see. Now I have tickets where I'll actually be able to see them. I really need to stop writing about it before I start jumping up and down in my seat even more.

Needless to say that was a great start to my weekend. I haven't done much today at all. I managed to get most of my homework for the weekend done on Friday, so I've only had to read The Communist Manifesto today. I also managed to get a decent amount of writing done. Overall, it's been a nice relaxing day, which was nice after the first week back after having to adjust to classes again.

I think I'm going to start doing something new at the end of these "life posts." In the posts back way towards the beginning of the blog (I think 2011 or so), I used to count down to things I was excited for. I got out of the habit, but for a while there I had like ten countdowns going at once. The main reason I stopped was because I was only counting down on the blog, and it became hard to keep track of the exact number. I've gotten back into countdowns over the past months though thanks to an app, so I think I'm going to use my countdown on there to start that over again here. I thought about just doing one countdown at a time in order to focus on whatever was closest, but maybe I could do all of them I have (12 at the moment)? I just like the excitement of watching something get closer.

We're going to start doing the next three countdowns coming up on my phone. Three's my lucky number, and it feels more exciting than just one but less bulky than all of them. However, my third and fourth countdowns right now are actually for the same day, so I'll do both. Typically, it would be three though. Anyway, here we go:

How I Met Your Mother series finale: 9 days
Summer break: 48 days
City of Heavenly Fire book release: 66 days
Sorry I'm Late album release: 66 days

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