Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Life Post: Spring Break So Far

My spring break has mostly been pretty great so far. It's also been fairly busy. I'm not complaining because I'm still getting more rest than I was at school before break, but I feel like I'm constantly doing something each day.

Monday I had a dermatologist appointment. Those aren't usually a big deal because they really just involve talking to the doctor for a few minutes and then him adjusting my medicine. Have my medicine adjusted is getting more and more annoying though. I just want something to work correctly so I don't have to worry about it being changed anymore. This time was particularly annoying because it's not being adjusted because it isn't working, it's being adjusted for other problems. I feel like that will never be settled.

Tuesday I met Ji for lunch at Roppongi, which was a lot of fun. I hadn't seen her in months, and it's always great to catch up. I also ate more food than I thought it was possible for me to eat, and it was delicious. I think Ji's made me try new sushi each time we've eaten there, and it's fun getting to try new stuff. I really wish I could actually learn to use chopsticks though so Ji would stop asking for the somewhat embarrassing beginner ones. I try so hard, but those things just don't cooperate.

After eating we walked around downtown Newburgh for a while, which I've actually never done before that I can remember. It's nice, and we had fun looking around the shops even though we didn't buy anything. It's a fun place.

As for today, it hasn't started off so great. I woke up to a lot of negative things happening all over the place, and I'm still kind of struggling to get more positive about today. It's hard when I know I have a dentist appointment and there's a chance of snow. Today just isn't trying that hard to be good. I'm still hopeful that I'll be in a better mood by the end of today though. It would be really nice, if the snow never did come. That would definitely be a bright point.

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