Saturday, March 1, 2014

Reign Review: Season 1 Episode 12: "Royal Blood"

The first thing I have to mention is that the opening has randomly changed. The voice over isn't there anymore. It's just music, and I feel like it's a longer opening although I could be wrong. I wondered what was going on at first. It seems like such an odd time to change it, so I'm not really sure what's going on there.

There are two things that I absolutely have to get to, and I think I'll start with Clarissa since all of that seemed like the craziest in the episode. I was not expecting her to turn out like she did when she was first introduced. Of course, I wasn't even sure if she was real at first, but even once was learned a bit more about her, I didn't expect her to try and kill her own brothers. I get the motivation after being hurt by your own mother, but she just saved Catherine the episode before. It seems kind of odd that she wants revenge now and that she was willing to kill her own brother in order to get it. I'm assuming it was what Catherine said to her as Clarissa was saving her that did it. It was sad though.

It's hard to tell what exactly Catherine is feeling about Clarissa because she's so good at hiding her feelings. She's acting really indifferent, but I feel like she actually has more emotions there that she's suppressing. She cares too much about her other children to be entirely indifferent to Clarissa. I'm not saying that she would have ever welcomed Clarissa as her daughter with open arms, but that goes back to suppressing her emotions too. I definitely believe that she's more upset about all of that than she's showing. I don't know if that will play into future episodes or not.

Also, quick somewhat unrelated sidenote: Clarissa ripping out her hair was horrifying to me. Not a good time for someone with a blood phobia. I'm freaking out right now just writing about it because I can't get the image out of my head.

Next most important thing that I must mention: Francis was in this episode! I wondered how long it would take for him to show up again, and I was hoping it was sooner rather than later. It was great to see him again. I find it very interesting that he's basically hiding out in the open. It's an interesting contrast to the modern day because there's no way he could get away with that these days with pictures. There's no way he could get away with just a "you look familiar" for too long.

As happy as I am to see him again though, I'm not so happy about what happened between him and Lola. I know that Mary's engaged to someone else now and everything, but did either Francis or Lola stop to think that doing anything with each other was a bit awkward for Mary? I mean Francis is Mary's ex-fiance, and Lola is one of her closest friends. That's awkward. Disregarding the fact that I want Francis and Mary together anyway, it's just awkward. That's all I can think about that. They also said they'd never see each other again, which we all know won't actually be true. I'm bracing myself for a lot of awkwardness in the future with Francis, Lola, Mary, Sebastian, etc.

Speaking of wanting Mary and Francis together, Mary and Sebastian as a couple are growing on me, and I really hate it. I want Mary with Francis, but she really isn't that bad with Sebastian. I contribute that to them being good friends more than anything though. To me it seems more like a friendship where they happen to be engaged. They could make it work, but it's not like things with Mary and Francis. So, while I don't absolutely hate them together, I still don't want them together in the long run. We all know Francis is going to wind up at the castle again, and I think the contrast between him and Mary and Sebastian and Mary will become more prominent again, which will make it even more obvious to me why I prefer Mary and Francis together.

I'm really looking forward to next week's episode. I'm hoping for Francis and Mary to see each other again, but we'll see. Even if we don't, it should be an entertaining episode.

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