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Reign Review: Season 1 Episode 13: "The Consummation"

Woah. First of all I need to say that I watched the director's cut of this episode. I didn't see the original at all since my TV broke and only the director's cut was put on The CW's website. I have no idea what the differences were for sure, although I think I have at least some idea. I'm not sure how much difference only seeing the director's cut made though, so I'll throw out that bit of information.

Now, I have to say the first thought I had after I finished this episode: "That happened fast." I feel like I say that a lot about Reign, and at this point I'm really starting to wonder what this means for the show. *History spoiler that will have to affect Reign's plot at some point* Francies really does die, and it's pretty early into his and Mary's marriage. If they were taking things slower, I think they could get several seasons in before his death, but if they keep up this pace, he'll be dying really soon I feel like. The show can still go on after his death of course, but it would change things so drastically. What exactly are they planning to do? I don't know, but I guess we'll find out eventually. Onto the specifics of this episode...

Nostradamus gets visions by hanging himself. If I didn't already think the dude was somewhat crazy, I do now. I'll be completely honest, I don't know how the real Nostradamus died, and I don't know if he hung himself to get visions. However, I wouldn't be surprised if that epicly backfired one day and he died. I also think it's worth noting something that I just realized this episode. At the beginning of the series, I wondered whether Nostradamus's visions were real or he was lying. At this point, I feel like we can say with certainty that he at least really believes his visions, and I'm starting to lean towards them being true considering the history the show is based on. However, it's also obvious that his visions are vague most of the time, which is pretty historically accurate from what I know of the real Nostradamus.

Mary's mom showed up, and she has a really odd accent. I don't even know what country Mary's mom came from (since I know it may not have been Scotland), but I'm not really sure what was going on there. It was kind of English, but very unlike the others on the show. Wait. She's French. I just googled it. That's an interesting connection that they could really use on the show. It doesn't change her odd accent though. It's so bad, guys. I know I complain about everyone having English accents a lot, but this one is some really horrible, very obviously fake English accent. I think it wins for worst on the show, and that includes the times they made the "villain" characters have purposefully "foreign" accents.

Anyway, back to Mary's mom, who is also Mary so I'll just say Mary's mom, and her actual personality and whatnot. I think she's a very interesting character. She seems a lot like Catherine. I guess that's what happens when you're in the type of situations they've both been in. I'm always saying Catherine is my favorite character, so I also enjoyed Mary's mom. I wonder how much she'll be around now that she's been introduced.

Francis was finally back in the castle! I've been waiting for it and was unbelievably excited, but things went insanely fast. Sure enough we had some awkwardness with Lola and Francis. I'm not looking forward to seeing that explode now that Francis and Mary are married. Can you imagine when she finds out? Because she will. There's no way that will stay a secret, and with the way this show goes, she'll find out sooner rather than later. Not looking forward to that.

Poor Sebastian too. I've always liked him as a character, even if I never wanted him with Mary. I do think it was kind of horrible for him to try and get in between Francis and Mary like he did, but I also understand. I feel really bad for him, and now it's his turn to get forced away from the castle. I'm sure he'll be back soon, just like Francis was. Hopefully he moves on and learns to accept Mary and Francis's marriage. Mostly because I think it's horrible that his relationship with Francis has been destroyed so much. I'm also extremely hopeful that it wasn't Francis who paid those men to kill Sebastian. I like to think he wouldn't do that to his own brother, even after what happened.

And the wedding!! It happened much quicker than I would have liked, but hey, they're married! I'm sure it won't lessen any of the drama in their relationship, but I can refer to them as husband and wife. That makes me really happy, and I'm looking forward to some sappiness before the drama comes back.

Consummations were weird, guys. It's something that I knew was a real, historical thing for a long time, but that doesn't change how weird it is. Why? Why would anyone want to do that? That was the most awkward scene I've ever watched, and the things is, aside from Sebastian's presence, no one in the show seemed to view it was odd. That fit of course because it really was normal back then, but that doesn't change how awkward it is to watch.

Also, one more random comment that I forgot to mention because it was so small in the grand scheme of things, but Nostradamus and Catherine have a conversation about Clarissa that only cemented my belief that Catherine had more feelings about Clarissa than she was letting on. And Clarissa is alive! That was a nice cliffhanger ending considering most people had at least considered it a possibility. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens to her, and I'm hoping there's some nice sort of resolution to her and Catherine's relationship. I think that might be one of the things I'm looking forward to the most in the upcoming episodes.

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