Friday, March 21, 2014

Reign Review: Season 1 Episode 15: "The Darkness"

This episode of Reign seemed to focus on Mary's friends more, which I liked. Other than a bit of Lola and maybe Kenna a tiny bit, I don't really think they've had much to do recently.

Henry's going crazy. After this episode, I looked up more about the history behind him just to see if that had any basis in reality. I didn't find any, so I really don't know where they're going with that. I'm not sure if he's dying, just going crazy, or if it's temporary and going to pass. He claims he's having headaches which points to their being something seriously wrong going on with his brain, so at least it's not just him losing it, although I suppose that would still be something going wrong with his brain. Either way, him suddenly wanting to kill women is creepy, and I'm a bit worried about Kenna. Something tells me he's really going to want to kill her now, especially since she told Catherine.

Lola's trying to marry as soon as possible in order to hide her pregnancy. I don't know how exactly she plans to do that. She's already about two months pregnant (if not more, I'm not entirely sure about the timeline there), and she sounds like she wants to find a husband fast but also know him somewhat before getting married. There's only so early a baby can come, so I don't know how she expects to keep that all quiet.  I also don't think anyone watching actually expects it to stay secret. Francis is finding out at some point I'm sure.

I am glad that Francis did tell Mary about him and Lola though. She already knew, but it's still good that he said it. I'm sad that Mary lied to him though I just want everything to be said between the three of them so that everything can be worked out.

Greer and Leith are adorable! I've loved their relationship since the beginning, and I don't think we'd really seen them together for a while. They're so cute, and I really want them to be together even with the complications of him being a servant and her needing someone with a title. I thought things were going pretty well when Greer turned down the one guy, but then she announces that the guy she's supposed to marry is showing up. I wonder what he'll be like. Leith also might be taking a job all the way in Spain. I'm hoping all of this means we'll be seeing more of the two of them in future episodes.

The family Sebastian has been with get marked for the Darkness and Rowan gets taken. I really thought her and Sebastian had potential, so I'm loving that Sebastian is going after her. I'm also really curious about who or what the Darkness is, so this should all be very interesting. Whatever Olivia saw, she seems pretty traumatized, which makes me even more curious.

I think Greer and Leith's relationship and the Darkness are what I'm looking forward to the most in the future. Hopefully both will be in the next episode. I think it will be with the way this episode ended. That seemed like quite a lot of cliff-hangers.


  1. I haven't seen Reign but I think I might like it! I'm off to go check it out (obviously I skimmed this because if I do like it I don't want too many details about the first 14 episodes)

    1. I'd recommend it if you enjoy historical fiction and aren't too bothered by historical inaccuracies. It doesn't really fit into what actually happened, but it's a fun, entertaining story.