Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Twisted Review: Season 1 Episode 18: "Danny, Interrupted"

I knew Charlie was bad. I don't think that even I was expecting quite what happened though. It's not just that he's "bad," I'm pretty sure he's crazy. He hit himself in the head with a door just to... To what exactly? Honestly I don't really get the full intent there. Was it just to get Jo's sympathy? Was it to turn her against Danny? All of the above? I don't know. The point is he's turning out creepier than I had expected, and I really wouldn't put anything past him.

His creepy hidden pictures were pretty much the point where I realized that he's absolutely crazy, and then we even find out that he's had this obsessive "crush" on Jo since he saw her picture while sharing a room with Danny in juvie. So he seems to have moved there just to meet Jo (and maybe to torture Danny a bit, but I think primarily to get Jo), and he's a creepy stalker on top of everything else. I'm glad that's finally out, and it's not just me getting a bad feeling about him anymore. Now Danny just needs to tell the police that he thinks Charlie framed him, and hopefully they'll actually be able to arrest Charlie. At any rate at least Jo is freaked out by him now.

I also wonder what will happen to Danny now that he's confessed though. Will he get out because it was self-defense or not? I'm assuming he'll get out somehow because having one of the main characters in jail for an extended period of time doesn't seem like a wise thing to do. Who knows though. Maybe I'll be surprised. I'd really like Charlie to get arrested, thrown in jail, and never be shown on the show again, but I can't see myself as being that lucky.

The storyline with Whitney and Lacy went way better than I thought it was going to. I was prepared for it to be handled badly, but I actually thought they did a fairly good job. My only complaint was that it kind of added to the love mess thing that I always complain about. I'm hoping Whitney doesn't continue crushing on Lacy because I can't take yet another person involved in that mess (which I say every time another character is added to that mess). I also don't really see what the point of this storyline was other than to add in something for diversity's sake, which isn't always a bad thing, but it seemed really out of place to me.

When Tess found out that her adopted daughter had died at two it really felt like there was no way that storyline was going to be resolved like that. It was too easy of a way out. Sure enough, that was apparently not her daughter. Now there's some suspicious stuff going on about what actually happened to the baby. I really believe that Whitney is the girl, but we'll see. Maybe Whitney's there to make it look like she could be the girl or something. I'm wondering how long it will take for them to find the real daughter.

This wasn't my favorite episode of Twisted overall, but I am glad that Jo's finally aware of how creepy Charlie is. That being out there has made me feel better. Next week is the season finale, and I'm really hoping that it will be good, especially considering that I'll be recovering from the How I Met Your Mother series finale. I'm hoping it's a good episode.


  1. The name is Lacey not Stacy. This review shows how badly Twisted has diminished a lead character when the reviewer doesn't even know her name but does the secondary characters. SMH

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    2. Oh. wow. I knew that of course, and I don't know where Stacy even came from. I was really confused when I saw your comment because I didn't even know what you were referring to. I had to rush to write this in between homework on a day with little sleep, and apparently that happened. I don't know if a typo autocorrected wrong or I just absent-mindedly wrote the wrong name, but either way I've fixed it. I do know her name though. You can go through all my other reviews and see that I've gotten her name right. It was just a mistake.

      (And the fact that I just found a typo and had to delete that comment and re-write it shows where my mind's been lately.)

    3. It's also worth noting that I'm horrible at names no matter what, but I'm even worse when I only hear them and not see them written. There are people I've known fairly well for years, and I still forget their names half the time. And I can never watch a movie and actually know a character's name at the end. I usually have to look it up to see it written if I want to remember.