Thursday, April 3, 2014

Life Post: The "April Showers" Have Begun

I woke up to thunderstorms today, and I was ready to get absolutely soaked. Somehow I got incredibly lucky and every time I've had to go outside so far it has only been sprinkling. I'd sit in class and it would be pouring loudly, but each time class ended it had calmed down. I did have to navigate some gigantic puddles. The way our campus is there are always giant puddles everywhere. It was so bad that I was pretty much wading through ankle deep water at one point without any way to avoid it. Needless to say my shoes, socks, and bottom of my pants were all soaked, but it could have been worse.

Other than the storm, not much is going on today. My classes went well, and while I'm tired, I feel way better than I did yesterday when I was dealing with a horrible headache. I still haven't started on my homework today, and I should really get to that. I'm going to go get some reading done now.

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